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FAQ Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms (IVT is used as follows: short form for Interactive Virtual Tour)

360° Panorama: A photographic image that provides a life-like 360° view on a computer. A HDR 360° Panorama (high dynamic range) is done with bracketed exposure to catch details in lighter and darker areas in a good quality. The number of the taking images is dependent on the size of the difference of the light and dark elements. All our commercial images are basically taken in HDR3.

Audio: Insert Music or speech into your IVT. Can be automatic active on start. We provide a button to activate and deactivate that service. IMPORTANT: For the publication on the Internet, you must be in possession of all necessary rights.

Area Map: A map of facilities that may include multiple buildings as well as other site amenities or locations.

Auto-detect: The ability of our servers to detect a browser’s computer settings in order to deliver the tour images in the best format for their computer.

Branding: The words, graphics or symbols associated with your business, products and services. These include your company logo, slogan and web site colors.

Buttons, Navigation Buttons: A link in your virtual tour that is designed to look like a button. Clicking with your mouse on a button will link to a new image or a new area of the tour.

Clickable Content: Any element of your virtual tour that can be clicked with your mouse button to link to something else. Examples include floor plans with clickable spots that link to corresponding images.

Color Scheme: Tool to select the colors of your IVT associated with your business.

Contact Form: A form on your website/virtual tour, which, when filled by the visitor, is then delivered to an email address of your choice.

Default: A particular setting or value for a variable that is assigned automatically by an operating system and remains, in effect unless canceled or overridden, by the operator. The preset selection of an option offered by a system, which will always be followed except when explicitly altered.

E-Card/Postcard Feature: A feature in your virtual tour, which allows, when filled by the visitor, to send a link of your IVT to any user by type in the email-adress or even to share it in his own social network (facebook, twitter …) to promote. This feature are quite often used by our clients themselves to send a first impression to their potential clients. Only available in flash.

Embedding Code: An html-code which we provide to embed a virtual tour to your or any other website! IMPORTANT: We do not provide any download to run the complete IVT on your own servers. Beside the embedding Code we only provide you with the original Spherical Images for your own use or a flash version.

Extra Sub Menu Category: An extra level, which is designed to organize multiple content (images/external links) in your virtual tour. It typically appears directly after click on a main or upper level menu-button. To switch between images, just drag your mouse down the list and click when the image you want is highlighted.

Floor Plan: A drawing that represents the layout of a room, building or area.

Google- Bing Map: An area map that represents the clients nearby physical location delivered live by Google and/or Bing. The map can carry, comparable to the area map, more than one Viewpoint to make it easier to navigate in a bigger area.

Homepage-Package: It comes with photo gallery, guestbook, about us, imprint, and .com domain (1 year) of your choice (if it is not taken already). All text must be Word-formatted and delivered by the client. Any further services like introduction, texting, translations etc. are not included and must be negotiated with the contractor.

Hosting: Housing your virtual tour on a server that provides your web site visitors with uninterrupted access to your tour at all times. Our conditions includes a 1 year hosting for free. Each additional year we charge € 30,-. Clients who placed a paid listing on our tourism portal are exempt from this fee!

Hot Spot: A clickable spot inside an 360° Panoramic that links to a corresponding image or 360° Panoramic, other IVT and even to other URL`s.

HTML: The markup language that creates web pages.

Infobox (i): Contains all major information about your business, contact details, your logo and social networks … link to your own existing website.

Interactive Virtual Tour (IVT): A virtual tour delivered via the Internet that includes 360 ° images plus additional tour elements like clickable thumbnail images, maps and/or floor plans with clickable spots that link directly to images of that area.

IVT still image, IVT 360° image: See "still photography" and "360° image."

Java-enabled, Java-based: Java is a programming language that can be used to deliver your interactive virtual tour 360° images without downloading any additional programs. The user's Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape) must be Java-enabled (accomplished with a few mouse clicks) in order for these Java-based images to be seen in this way.

Link (also hyperlink): Text or a graphic that, when clicked, jumps you to a new web page or a different place or element of the current page, such as a different image.

Multilingual Menu: The multilingual menu allows you to present your visitors the whole text of your IVT, including hotspots, menu items, infoplugin in different languages.

Navigation: A combination of web page elements that allow users to move between pages. These elements may include drop-down menus, buttons, links, clickable spots within graphics or photos, etc.

Plug-in: A small program that can be added to your Internet browser to extend its capabilities. Plug-ins typically must be downloaded before they can be used.

Print media still image, high-end print media still image: See "still photography."

Processing (photography): After taking photos, our professional imaging staff uses advanced computer software to enhance your images.

Property map: A drawing that represents the layout of buildings and/or other facilities at one physical location.

Flash: The most common plug-in developed by Adobe for viewing/listening to video, photos and sound on the Web.

Stitched images: A series of still images that are carefully stitched/connected to create a full panorama/360° image.

Site map: See "area map." Sometimes refers to an outline-type listing of all web pages on a single Web site.

Still photography: Still photography creates images that are static, as opposed to a moveable 360°. All still images are not the same and costs vary.

Social Sharing (Facebook/Twitter/Google+ …): Contains tools which turn your IVT social to find the right audience for your advertising message. People share Content that`s most relevant to them, with people who they believe ... they will also enjoy the content.

Thumbnail: A small image that can be linked so that, when clicked, the user can see the full image or for example get forwarded to a different level on a website. These are a colorful addition to your IVT navigation.

Video: Insert Video-Sequences into your IVT. Can be automatic active on start. We provide a button to activate and deactivate that service. Insert Video-Sequences into your IVT. Can be automatic active on start. We provide a button to activate and deactivate that service. IMPORTANT: For the publication on the Internet, you must be in possession of all necessary rights.

Viewer: A pop-up browser window that contains your IVT, including photos, text and clickable content like maps, thumbnails and floor plans. The entire window is custom-branded to match your Web site.

Viewer page: Your IVT is produced in a pop-up browser window (see " viewer"). That viewer may contain different pages allowing the information you select to change. For instance, you may want to have a clickable map of your facility on the first page, followed by a floor plan of a specific unit or room show up when visitors click that room.

Viewpoint: A clickable spot on a map or floor plan that links to a corresponding image. It comes sometimes with a Radar with gives you the direction of your view.

Virtual tour: A series of photos stitched together to 360° images upgraded with additional tour elements like Audio, Video, Hotspots, Floorplans … etc., representing a business or location on a computer locally or by the internet. Global24 offers interactive virtual tours that go far beyond simple photography.

Virtual tour entry fee: A Fee we charge for updates which wasn`t part of the recent contract … it doesn`t include any modifications!

Web still image: See "still photography." … can be embeded via hotspot inside your virtual tour!

Webmaster: The person tasked with maintaining your Web site.