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Benefits & Advantages

Even more advantages with virtual tours of 360tourist:

  • High availability and unbeatable performance: Unlike many competitors, we host all virtual tour through their own networks. Here come highly redundant server from Rackspace, the world leader in hybrid cloud services in combination with Amazon Web Services to make sure the application that loaded intensive data always go to the shortest possible way to you.
  • White Label option: Especially for your distribution channels (retailers, distributors, etc.), we have a white label version. This version uses personalized contact on the tour allowing your partner to use the tour on their web site without conflicts .
  • Multilingualism: All texts, menus and functions can be represented in up to 33 languages​​.
  • Motion control for mobile devices: A HTML 5 effect that allows you to change the view of the panorama by moving or hold your mobile device in different directions.
  • Flexible Colour Schemes: Color coding of graphics and fonts of your virtual tour for optimal embedding in your website.
  • Logo integration: Embedding of your company logo.